KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei

Traditional and innovative

Family-owned for seven generations

Our company history started in 1861, and is also a history of the family to this day because of values such as awareness of tradition, ability to adapt and innovative spirit. 

In many cases, we have been the first manufacturer on the market to find and deliver a technical solution for changing situations. We have therefore always succeeded in adapting our range of products to market changes that have been drastic at times, and marketed them worldwide. Our current company departments Pumps, Cable winches, Pool technology, Casting and steel components, Steel hydraulic engineering and valves have arisen from these technical developments. 

Our in-house foundry has always been the focal point and the heart of the company. 

It is our unique selling point as far as the competition is concerned, and makes the unique manufacturing depth of our production possible.

KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei - wind power system for stationary power generation, innovation in the industrial age.
KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei - J. Friedrich W. Köster sen. (1884-1970) CEO from 1922 to 1955. His creativity and innovative spirit are still at work within the company.
KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei - View of company around 1900

Milestones from 1861 to 1900

1861 Company founded by J. M. Voss

The company initially manufactured agricultural machinery such as ploughs, land rollers, straw cutting and threshing machines, and beet cutters

Milestones from 1901 to 1930

1910 Propeller pump

1920 Establishment of the company-internal school

1921 Production of hoisting winches for slaughterhouses and construction, and lifting gear for mills and agriculture. Origin of the Cable winch manufacturing area

1922 CEO J. Friedrich W. KÖSTER sen. 

1924 Screw conveyor for water 

1927 Propeller pump with vertical or diagonal axial orientation

1930 Propeller with fibre-repellent blade profile

Milestones from 1931 to 1960

1945 Double chain hoist

1950 Deep well piston pump

1950 Electric winches (WE series) with Dierking motors

1955 CEO J. M. Friedrich KÖSTER jr.

1955 Adler electric winch patented

Milestones from 1961 to 1990

Early 1960s: further development of wave machines. Origin of the pool technology production area

1960s First brake motor MB 1 with sliding rotor

1963 KÖSTER KG established

1975 Submersible motor propeller pump 

1983 Friedrich KÖSTER GmbH & Co. KG established

1985 Lye pump for industrial washing systems

1987 First stage winch (WE 20) for ”Phantom of the Opera” (Vienna)

1989 Type approvals for cable winches

1990 First water-lubricated shaft guide bearing in pumping station pumps (Pfatter near Regensburg)

Milestones from 1991 to 2000

1994 Motors with disk brakes replace sliding rotors

From 2000 water-lubricated shaft guide bearings

Milestones from 2001 to 2010

2003 First system winch - Copenhagen Royal Opera

Since 2003, various structural changes and modernisation work at the company headquarters:
The factory villa is turned into the conference and office building, reconstruction of the office building, winch assembly hall, steel construction hall, foundry, model warehouse and laboratory

2005 Manufactured size of our pumps increased to up to DN 1400

2007 High-safety winches

2008 Banner winch

2010 Entire Pumps made from duplex stainless steel

2010 New directive for passenger transportation winches 

Milestones from 2011 to 2020

2013 Introduction of WE40

2013 80 x offshore winches for the Butendiek wind farm 

2015 First half-axial pumps for seawater desalination

2016 18 x offshore winches for the Nordergrund wind farm 

2018 First pump delivery for an artificial surf wave with 12,000 l / s 

2018 Serial production of WT250 on-board cranes for wind turbines

2019 Equipping the flood pumping station for the once largest sewage treatment plant in Europe 

2019 Development and manufacture of 2 x 40t winches (total weight 12t) for moving submarines in dry docks

2020 Construction and delivery of systems for the exchange of large components in offshore wind farms (load capacity up to 10 t)

2020 New development and series production of a silo entry winch based on the WE series

Milestones 2021

2021 Approval of the WH5LBGr as a 300 kg manual winch for stages and studios according to DGUV17 with 12 m lifting height

2021 Receipt of manufacturer-related product qualification (HPQ) for rail vehicle parts from Deutsche Bahn 

2021 Series start of WT1000 board cranes for wind turbines


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