KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei – UWP Umwälzpropellerpumpe

UWP Recirculation propeller pump

In variable sizes - customised

This type of pump is an impressive example of the individual customer-orientated pump development at KÖSTER – right down to the last detail. It was developed in accordance with the individual specifications of a customer.  

The UWP is intended, among other things, for the conveyance of aggressive, boiling hot caustic soda. For this reason all the materials used are light copper-free metals, the slide bearings, for example, are made of silicon carbide. The UWP can handle pumping media that contain cellulose fibres of varying sizes and chemicals.  

The extremely tight tolerances in the complex welding processes used in the production of the pump housing ensure that the running gear of the pump can be replaced in any installations.  

There are four flush nozzles in the support tube flange for the dosing of chemicals such as such as stabilisers or defoamers, for example. These substances are required in various processes. They are added to the pumping medium directly upstream of the pump impeller. The high turbulence here guarantees that even the smallest doses are distributed immediately and evenly in the pumping medium.  

The weld seams of the housing are effected in visible quality, the entire pump construction including the generously dimensioned bearings can withstand three-shift operation even under the toughest conditions.


  • The rotor assembly (shaft, shaft casing, impeller, bearing star) can be extracted completely from the tubular housing and can be replaced. The pipe does not have to be opened
  • In most installations the pump runs in three-shift operation
  • The propeller blades are made of spheroidal graphite cast iron
  • The slide bearings are made of extremely hard and chemically inert silicon carbide

Particularly suitable fields of application

Industrielle Nutzung

Technical data

Hydraulic type: axial

Size DN (mm): as per customer specifications

Delivery height (m): up to 2

Delivery rating (l/s): 800

Motor power (kW): 7.5

Rotary assembly extractable: yes

Reverse operation optional: no

Orientation of the pump shaft: vertical

Drive motor: as per customer specifications

Installation of the motor: dry

Shaft guide bearing: ceramic bearing



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