KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei - Weltweit im Einsatz
KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei - Weltweit im Einsatz


KÖSTER not only produces customised products to meet your needs, it also offers a whole range of services that start as early as the planning stage of your projects and go on giving you support over the entire service life of our products in your company.

KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry – delivery and installation
KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry – delivery and installation

Delivery and Installation

Our products are high-quality investment goods intended for long-term use even under the toughest operating conditions.

So they are constructed robustly in line with this claim and produced with great care. If used for their intended purpose, reliability and durability are their outstanding features.

Our well trained and experienced workforce know our high-quality machines right down to the last detail. For this reason we recommend you trust our specialists with the work of installing your pump on site and getting it ready for operation.

Our service and installation vehicles are “rolling workshops” that carry everything with them from lifting gear to welding equipment, so that virtually any work required within the scope of an installation - even if unscheduled - can be carried out without problem. This ensures timely conclusion of the operation as planned.

Our field engineers are well used to working closely and effectively with other trades on the site of large building projects and to supplying a top quality service even under difficult spatial conditions or when under time pressure.

For more extensive operations we would be glad to compile a customised offer for you covering complete ready-for-acceptance installation.
ÖSTER Engineering works and foundry   –   Maintenance – Overhaul – Repair
ÖSTER Engineering works and foundry – Maintenance – Overhaul – Repair

Maintenance – Overhaul - Repair

Our machines require extremely low maintenance. Even when used in continuous operation they often operate fault-free for years on end….

Nevertheless, in order to maintain their asset value we recommend a regular overhaul every 5 to 15 years, depending on the operational load to which they are exposed. The scope of an overhaul can vary considerably. However, as every part of our products can be replaced or renewed, an overhaul is always adapted to the individual case and in line with actual needs.

Should an event of damage occur, repair is also carried out in line with this particular individual case and the actual damage it involves.

We also carry out maintenance and repair work for third-party products, with the same care and the same committment to quality and subsequent operational reliability that we apply to our own products.


Regular training courses for operators and maintenance personnel are important for the safe use and maintenance of the functionality of our systems. For example, we regularly offer training courses for our nacelle cranes in the wind energy industry. The participants receive theoretical and practical training as well as a Köster certificate. Please do not hesitate to contact us! 

KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry   –   consultation
KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry – consultation


In many cases our machines constitute the solution for very special operational tasks...

We offer our consultation services in order to help select the right products for the many diverse structural, physical and control requirements.

Because only the right design of the technical equipment and adaptation to the existing conditions leads to a perfect overall construction.

We gladly help you to find and utilise any potential for improvement that may lie undetected in your projects.

KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry   –   spare parts
KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry – spare parts

Spare parts

Moving parts wear even when the machine is used for its intended purpose…

Improper use can lead to overloading of components, which in the last instance can damage or even destroy them.

Whatever the case, any machine parts that have become unusable must be replaced.

As a rule we produce the spare parts for our products ourselves.
We purchase components that we cannot produce ourselves (e.g. electrical parts) exclusively from specialised suppliers.

Because our approach and actions are customer-orientated, we always keep a stock of spare parts. This ensures we can provide supplies and carry our repair work at correspondingly short notice thus preventing any long breakdowns in production in your company.

Retrofitting and Boosting Performance

The water management framework plan often changes after a pump has been put into operation …

Development areas arise years afterwards, roads and roof space expand the sealed surfaces and as a result the effluent flow. The time might come when a control has to be retrofitted, the duty point of a pump changed or the motor power boosted.

Our pumps have variable propellers that are widely adaptable and that can be replaced in part or in whole, even if a pump has been in operation for many years.

The delivery rate and delivery height, that together constitute the duty point, can be subsequently increased or decreased. In this way investments that have already been made in the pump and its corresponding structure are not lost.


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