KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry - steel hydraulic construction
KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei - Stahlwasserbau und Armaturen

Flood control reservoirs

... three steel sluice gates with weight-loaded flap valves

KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei - Stahlwasserbau und Armaturen

Double flood gate system

... here: arrangement of the drives

KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei - Stahlwasserbau und Armaturen

Overflow and segment weir

and roller gate in normal state

Steel hydraulic construction

We keep water in its place

In times of climate change and rising water levels, taking protective measures that will last for decades in a timely manner is the order of the day.

Our steel water control structure products are the result of decades of experience in coastal protection, water management and dam construction.

We set benchmarks – our specialists use their competence, experience and zeal to develop technical solutions that keep water under control, protect against flooding while at the same time respecting nature. Here, too, our standard comprises the development of special customised constructions produced in top quality that meet the requirements of our customers.

The requirements specific to steel water control products are reliability and operational dependability. In this context sturdy construction entails using different materials efficiently.

We are manufacturing gate valves and flood gates, back flow traps and flood protection barriers made of cast iron, black steel, stainless steel, plantation wood from ecologically controlled cultivation. Of course the hydraulic steel structures standard DIN 19704 is fulfilled.

Possible applications for our products

  • Flow release
  • Rivers, canals, shutting off pipes
  • Keeping the water level constant
  • Coastal protection
  • Flood protection
  • Overflow protection
  • Dams
  • Water management


We keep at the ready several installation teams with fully fitted-out vehicles equipped for all necessary installation work, from lifting gear to welding equipment. Our field engineers are well used to working closely and effectively with other trades on the site of large building projects and to supplying a top quality service even under difficult spatial conditions or when under time pressure.

KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry - references steel hydraulic construction


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