Cable winches

Reliable and safe

Our standard winches of today derive from products that were originally developed for specifically defined applications. They are the result of well thought-out technology and know-how that is constantly being perfected. We offer the right solution for the most diversified applications. Our hand and electric winches not only offer an extensive range of applications, they also set the market standard.

Our winches are easy and safe to handle, they are characterised by ideally co-ordinated sequences during the moving of loads of all types and they run extremely smoothly. They are for the most part resistant to environmental impacts. First-class workmanship combined with high-quality mechanics and their typical encapsulated design ensure their above-average service life.

Our winches are constructed in such a way that production flows at the respective operation site are only ever interrupted by unscheduled maintenance work in exceptional cases. Every winch undergoes a 100% quality control before leaving our plant.

We supply tested safety – both standardised and customised.

Electric winches

Our standard electric winches are compact in design, the complete drive is encapsulated. We place the highest quality demands on our winches, this is what makes them so reliable.

An extensive range of additional equipment enables virtually every adaptation to the wishes and requirements of our customers.

Special winches

Our standard winches already cover a wide range of possible applications.
We develop appropriate special solutions for requirements with regard to defined loads, the desired cable speed or specific environmental conditions that do not fall within the scope of our standard products.

We work closely with our customers and take extensive account of their specific requirements and existing framework conditions.

In this way we ensure that a KÖSTER special winch also functions optimally and satisfies our customers’ needs to the full.

Hand winches

We have been producing hand winches for almost 100 years and still manufacture their main components from grey and spheroidal graphite cast iron with particular care in our own, state-of-the-art foundry.

This depth of production is our distinguishing feature, because it has become so rare on the market. It is also the guarantee for the outstanding characteristics of our hand winches – ensured good quality, an exceptionally high degree of stability as well as reliability and durability.

These features plus the fact that the further development of our winches is carried out flexibly and promptly in line with the changes on the market is the reason KÖSTER winches are in operation worldwide in a multitude of different branches.


We are the only system supplier in the winch sector that supplies everything from a single source – from the smallest single part to the complete integrated solution.

We manufacture the individual pulleys and all other accessories for our cable winches with a high level of precision ourselves in our own foundry.


We focus on the wishes and special requirements of our customers.

Our service range starts in the planning phase and accompanies our products over their entire service life in the company of our customers.

The scope of our after-sales-service is determined by the maintenance contract concluded.
Where necessary our service includes the delivery and professional installation of virtually all spare parts.


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