KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei – IBP Inline-Bogenpumpe
KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei – IBP Inline-Bogenpumpe

IBP Inline elbow pump

Fits into pipe systems

This propeller pump can be installed in pipe systems horizontally or vertically. It is therefore recommended for plant construction, because the pumping medium in this case already flows via a pipe system. This type of pump has an optional extractable rotor assembly, a feature that makes maintenance and cleaning work a lot easier.  

This circulation pump is suitable for the conveyance of water and aqueous fluids such as leaches, dilute acids, brines in closed pipe systems of industrial plants. This type of pump is used primarily in wastewater treatment plants, in which biological treatment is carried out after the activated sludge process, in which the flows (return activated sludge, recirculation) are moved permanently "in a circuit". It is equally suited for use as a so-called booster pump, where it simply increases the pressure in a pipeline.


  • The horizontal axle of the motor is flange-mounted, as a rule in construction type IMB3 and Protection Class IP55
  • The rotor assembly (shaft, shaft casing, impeller, bearing star) can be optionally extracted completely from the tubular housing The pipe does not have to be opened
  • The sturdy bearing housing has roller bearings with an extremely long service life
  • The propeller blades fixed to the hub of the propeller can be rotated individually allowing subsequent adjustment of the blade angle and therefore also the duty point of the pump
  • We offer the shaft guide bearings with pumping medium lubrication and supply them in three different material pairs. Grease lubrication is also possible
  • Depending on requirements, we produce the propeller blades and shaft in different materials, these range from grey cast iron to super duplex stainless steel
  • The preserving agent differs according to customer demand and is always applied in several coats by hand

Particularly suitable fields of application

Industrielle Nutzung
Industrielle Nutzung
Rezirkulation / Umwälzung
Rezirkulation / Umwälzung
Hydraulic type: axial

Size DN (mm): 300 – 1,200

Delivery height (m): 1 – 10

Delivery rating (l/s): 200 – 4,500

Motor power (kW): 5.5 – 400

Rotor assembly extractable: optional

Reverse operation optional: yes

Orientation of the pump shaft: vertical or horizontal

Drive motor: electric

Installation of the motor: dry

Shaft guide bearing: grease lubricated slide bearing, rubber shaft bearing, ceramic bearing, elastomer-polymer composite


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