KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei –HUP Horizontale Tauchmotor-Propellerpumpe
KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei –HUP Horizontale Tauchmotor-Propellerpumpe

HUP Horizontal submersible motor propeller pump

With no deflection losses

This single-stage horizontal underwater pump has an automatic coupling to the discharge pipe. It can be mounted and dismounted while the pump chamber is flooded. The pump is guided here on a special rod.

Due to the horizontal orientation of the pump, the pumping medium flows in the discharge pipe without being deflected by the pump. The motor is installed on the suction side, so the motor cables lie in the quiet body of water and are not mechanically stressed by turbulent flows.

This type of pump is suitable for the conveyance of pure or pre-treated, predominantly chemically-neutral fluids at temperatures of up to 60° and is used typically in pumping stations for irrigation and drainage, for precipitation and mixed water, for recirculation, in flood protection systems and inland drainage as well as in industrial water supply systems.


  • The pump is driven by a submerged three-phase asynchronous motor (Protection Class IP68)
  • The propeller is arranged on the shaft of the motor and overhung
  • The pump is installed horizontally and couples automatically with the discharge pipe
  • The angles of the blades are pre-set, but can be changed manually
  • The desired delivery height is determined by the number of propeller blades (3-6)
  • The blade geometry is fibre-repellent and self-cleaning
  • The active components of the motor are seated in permanently-lubricated, generously dimensioned roller bearings that have a long service life
  • There are two low-wear, high-quality ring-type shaft seals integrated in the motor housing that reliably prevent any pumping media from penetrating the motor

Particularly suitable fields of application

Be- / Entwässerung in der Landwirtschaft
Be- / Entwässerung in der Landwirtschaft
Rezirkulation / Umwälzung
Rezirkulation / Umwälzung
Hochwasserschutz und Binnenentwässerung
Hochwasserschutz und Binnenentwässerung

Hydraulic type: axial

Size DN (mm): 250 – 1,200

Delivery height (m): 1 – 10

Delivery rating (l/s): 200 – 4,500

Motor power (kW): 7.5 - 600

Rotary assembly extractable: no

Reverse operation optional: yes

Orientation of the pump shaft: horizontal

Drive motor: submersible motor

Installation of the motor: submerged

Shaft guide bearing: none


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