KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei - Seilwinden, Handwinden
KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei - Seilwinden, Handwinden

ADLER - Manual winches

Made of grey and nodular graphite casting

KÖSTER has been producing hand winches for almost 100 years and continues to carefully manufacture its primary components made of iron and nodular graphite casting in its own, highly-modernised foundry.

This knowledge of manufacturing is rare within the winch market. It has also become a kind of unique feature of KÖSTER as well as the guarantee for the outstanding characteristics of our manual winches – reliable quality, exceptionally high stability as well as reliability and durability.

These features plus the fact that the further development of our winches is carried out flexibly and promptly in line with the changes on the market is the reason KÖSTER winches are in operation worldwide in a multitude of different sectors.

M. Sc. Markus Schnauer
Vertriebsingenieur Seilwinden / Key Account Manager

Standard DGUV 54

We already develop, design and produce all series of our winches for very different applications and in many different versions in series production standard.

Special features

  • load capacity up to 1.500 kg
  • single or multi-part operation
  • with load pressure brake or with brake regulator
  • gerillte oder ungerillte Trommel
  • Ropes running apart or running together

Stage - Entertainment DGUV 17

KÖSTER has expanded its proven standard product line also for manual winch construction targeting the special requirements applicable for public areas where people stay under suspended loads (theatres, studios, shopping malls etc.).

Special features

  • cable is wound up in a single layer
  • equipped with cable pressure roller
  • two automatic mechanical breaks operate independently, and thus, loads are held safely and securely in every position.

made of stainless steel

Winches are also integrated in port, ship or offshore cranes where they are often exposed to extreme weather conditions. KÖSTER is one of the leading producers of winches and winch systems for maritime use worldwide.

Germanischer Lloyd has approved the KÖSTER stainless steel winch.

Winches conforming to the standards of this special segment are characterized by their low dead weight, low crank operating forces and a virtually noise-free load pressure brake. Selection of the most suitable material is decisive for reliable operation.


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