KÖSTER: Cast components, cable winches and propeller pumps from our own castings

The family business KÖSTER is a machine factory with its own hand moulding foundry. Our company history goes back to 1861. For seven generations we have represented values such as awareness of tradition and innovative spirit. We always adapt our product development to market requirements. Our product range comes from our own production and includes cast components, manual and electric winches as well as propeller pumps.

We construct, we cast, turn, mill and weld until our

are available to you ready for delivery or operation. Upon request, we will involve you in the development process and thus enable you to exert influence. Whether propeller pumps, winches or cast components: All of our products are designed to withstand the toughest conditions for many years.

First-class service: assembly and overhaul

Our range of services extends from design, manufacture and delivery of your goods to professional assembly, maintenance and repair by our experienced employees. We deliver complete assemblies ready for acceptance. We also offer our careful maintenance and repair work for third-party products.

Reasons for over 160 years of success

More than 160 years of success are the result of our customer orientation, whether in flood protection, other hydraulic steel structures or all our other business areas. In addition, the care taken by our employees in the development and manufacture of our products, the ongoing perfection of our propeller pumps, winches, cast components and other products are just as much a guarantee of success as the fact that KÖSTER, as a traditional hoist manufacturer, continues to be managed by its owner family. Our company has been certified according to DIN EN 9001 since 1995.

Our Team is growing
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Auszubildende Jahrgang 2020

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