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Job offers

  • Elektriker / Elektroniker - Betriebstechnik


    firmeneigene Produktionsanlage warten, neue Anlagen installieren, Steuer- und Schaltanlagen bauen, Elektrokleingeräte reaparieren

  • Zerspanungsmechaniker m/w


    Unbefristete Beschäftigung für Zerspanungsmechaniker/in, Dreher/in oder Personen mit viel Berufserfahrung in dieser Tätigkeit

  • Elektrotechniker m/w


    Elektrotechniker/in u.a. für die Planung von Steuer- und Schaltanlagen

  • Industriemechaniker m/w


    Unbefristete Beschäftigung für Industriemechaniker/in, Schlosser/in oder gleichwertig Ausgebildete jeweils mit mehrjähriger Berufserfahrung

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Köster –we are producing electric winches, manual winches, propeller pumps and much more

We are an engineering company operating our own in- house foundry, which means we actually manufacture the goods ourselves - and that with a production depth seldom found nowadays! We engineer, cast, turn, mill and weld to the point where our 

are on their marks for delivery or ready to go into operation. Put in a nutshell, this approach gives you the opportunity of participating in process implementation ensuring that you only receive products tailored to your needs. All our products are designed for long service life under tough operating conditions.

Castings and machining, electric winches manufactured conscientiously

150 successful years are marked by exclusive customer orientation, by the dedicated workmanship of our employees, by constant perfection of our products and by the owners of the company who continue to run and expand business in the 7th generation. We hold the DIN EN 9001 certification since 1995. It is our pleasure to welcome you to the world of Köster and invite you to have a look around our website.