Technical Product Designer m/f

This profession involves …

… creating and modifying three dimensional data models according to technical and design specifications and the technical documentation of components and assemblies.

In addition to practical work in our technical offices, we also impart practical professional contents and work processes during the training course by means of work placements in production, each of which last several weeks.

Anyone with a good understanding of mathematics and spatial ability who can and would also like to work carefully and accurately should send us an application now.

Practical in-company training

We impart the practical part of this profession by means of working in the technical offices of our product divisions Pumps, Winches and Steel hydraulic construction as well as in work placements each lasting several weeks, where our trainees learn all about the work processes in production and the warehouse.

Theoretical vocational school training

The training course takes place in parallel in the company and in the vocational school. The specialist knowledge required is taught at the Vocational Training Centre Steinburg in Itzehoe. The school hours comprise in total six one-week sets of block lessons in each year of training. As a rule the training course lasts 3.5 years. Trainees who achieve good results can apply to have this time shortened. The final examination Part 1 takes place in the fourth half year of the training course. The final examination Part 2 takes place at the end of the seventh half year of the training course at the Kiel Chamber of industry and Commerce.

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