KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei – VKP Vertikale Halbaxialpumpe
KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei – VKP Vertikale Halbaxialpumpe

VKP Vertical mixed flow pump

For docks, locks and cooling towers

The construction of vertical, single-stage mixed flow pumps is very similar to that of propeller pumps. However, due to the different shape of their impellers, mixed flow pumps can lift very large volumes of water to delivery heights of up to 30 m.

Impeller and diffuser are submerged in the pumping medium. The open impeller has a fixed, cast-on blading.

Mixed flow pumps convey pure or lightly contaminated fluids, typically in pumping stations for precipitation and mixed water, hydroelectric power plants and other power plants, in docks and locks as well as in industrial water supply systems.


  • The open, mixed flow impeller with fixed blading is made of corrosion and cavitation-resistant materials
  • The manifold can be arranged both above or below the floor
  • Impeller and diffuser are designed using the latest CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software
  • A large shaft diameter and sufficient intermediate bearing ensure extremely smooth running
  • We offer the shaft guide bearings with pumping medium lubrication and supply them in three different material pairs. Grease lubrication is also possible
  • The preserving agent differs according to customer demand and is always applied in several coats by hand

Particularly suitable fields of application

Leeren von Docks und Poldern
Leeren von Docks und Poldern
Beschicken von Kühltürmen
Beschicken von Kühltürmen
Füllen von Schleusenkammern
Füllen von Schleusenkammern
Wasseraufbereitung für Meerwasserentsalzungsanlagen
Wasseraufbereitung für Meerwasserentsalzungsanlagen

Hydraulic type: mixed flow

Size DN (mm): 350 – 1,400

Delivery height (m): 10 – 30

Delivery rating (l/s): 200 – 7,000

Motor power (kW): 30 – 2,000

Rotary assembly extractable: no

Reverse operation optional: yes

Orientation of the pump shaft: vertical

Drive motor: electric or diesel

Installation of the motor: dry

Shaft guide bearing: grease lubricated slide bearing, rubber shaft bearing, ceramic bearing, elastomer-polymer composite


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