KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei - Seilwinden, Elektorwinden
KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei - Seilwinden, Elektorwinden
KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry  –  WE-series – an inside view
KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry – WE-series – an inside view
KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry  –  protection class – controllers - electronics
KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry – protection class – controllers - electronics
KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry  –  winches for stage and entertainment
KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry – winches for stage and entertainment

Electric winches

A robust standard remains flexible

The unmistakable features of our electric winches are their compact design and the encapsulation of the entire drive. We place the highest quality demands on our products. We have vouched for their reliability with our name for generations.

Our extensive range of additional equipment means our winches can be adapted to meet virtually any customer requirement. Our philosophy, which we regard as our key task, is to meet the wishes of our customers.



  • Mechanism group 2m (M5)
  • Protection class IP 54
  • with built-in controller
  • Hoist limiting

Additional options

  • Protection classes IP 55, IP 56 or IP 65
  • Customised drum grooving
  • Extended cable drum – up to 3,000 mm
  • Enlarged drum flange pulleys for greater cable take-up
  • Second cable attachment for to and fro movement of loads
  • Bottom flange trolley as an electric cable pull
  • Standby manual drive
  • Brake release device
  • Horizontal pull with drum free-wheel (shunting winch)
  • Automatic shut-off in the case of cable slack
  • with cable winding mechanism
  • with cable pressure roller

Our standard WE winch currently available in five different sizes is, as it were, the nucleus for all KÖSTER electric winch projects.

It goes without saying that our winches used for passenger transport comply with the very special technical safety requirements here and are either equipped with a standby manual drive or emergency stop control. They are also equipped with an additional safety break. An EC prototype test certificate is available for most of the projects that we have implemented in the segment of transporting persons.

pecial regulations protect the safety and health of people who work or stay under suspended loads. The accident protection regulations BGV C1 must be observed and followed consistently if winches and accessories are used in public areas or on stages for hosting events. KÖSTER has expanded its proven standard product line in winch construction targeting the special requirements of theatres, studios, shopping malls and other public areas, where people stay under suspended loads.

Special features: 

  • Two automatic mechanical brakes operate independently of one
  • another, thus ensuring that loads are held securely in place
  • The cable is rolled up in a single layer
  • Equipped with cable pressure roller
  • Only grooved cable drums are used
  • Electronic overload protection is provided

The WE-series winches are also available with Protection Class 65 making them predestined for maritime use, preferably in port cranes, ship and offshore cranes.

The German Employers’ Liability Insurance Association has approved this special design as an electric DAVIT winch. There for this winch is equipped with an additional manual drive and brake release in addition to an electric drive. For use on inland waterway vessels, for which it is approved, it is supplied with enhanced protection class IP56 for an operating 3-phase voltage of 400 V and 50 Hz and a control voltage of 230 V, 50 Hz. Other voltages are also available.
Please talk to us!

The special features at a glance:

  • Maintenance-free
  • Standard design with IP 65 class of protection (protection against ingress of dust and water jet)
  • In-built brake motor in “F” class insulation material (for heightened ambient temperature and up to 100 % humidity)
  • Robust conical brakes with asbestos-free friction linings
  • Gears run in an oil bath with ball bearing (high level of efficiency)
  • Extremely low-noise operation (approx. 70 dB (A) ) owing to helical gears
  • Special design possible for single-cable operation, which reduces load forces

The permissible temperature range and the effect of the media, some of which are aggressive (moisture or water, vapours, acids, alkalis, oil and fuel) represent usage restrictions that have to be taken into consideration in the design of the winches.

Our electric winches are manufactured with protection class IP 54 in accordance with DIN 40050 as standard. The standard versions are controlled using reversing contactors and main contactors, from the starting point of the normal control voltage 230 volts AC, 50 Hz.

Our motors are supplied with insulation class "F" as standard. The built-in braked motors are designed for 100% relative humidity and an ambient temperature of up to +60°C.

The motors of our electric winches are always protected by a lockable switch with a magnetic quick-action release. On request we will also install emergency stop switches, signal lamps, shunt opening releases and additional auxiliary switches.

KÖSTER electric winches can be used for a multitude of different applications. We have or can find the most custom-fit product for virtually every requirement.

  • Large or small loads
  • Raising and lowering
  • Pulling and pushing
  • Precise setting down
  • Transport of persons
  • Resistant to extreme environmental stress
You know your requirements. We construct the most suitable overall solution or develop only the required cable winch to be integrated in your project – whichever you prefer.


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