KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei – VP Vertikale Propellerpumpe
KÖSTER Maschinenfabrik und Gießerei – VP Vertikale Propellerpumpe

VP Vertical propeller pump

Particularly suited for pumping stations

This vertical tubular casing pump stands on the bed of the pumping chamber. It transmits its own weight, the weight of the water in the propeller and the weight of the motor to the bed via its housing and housing base.

This type of pump provides high delivery rates at low heights and is used in pumping stations for irrigation and drainage, for precipitation and mixed water, in waterworks and in industrial water supply systems.

It achieves the lowest pump-down level of all propeller pumps and is suitable for the conveyance of pure or pre-treated, predominantly chemically-neutral fluids at temperatures of up to 60°C.


  • The pump base is designed as an inlet guide vane and stands on the concrete bed of the pumping chamber. This means the building construction need not be so deeply integrated into the subsurface and this in turn leads to a significant reduction of building costs
  • The rotor assembly (shaft, shaft casing, impeller, bearing star) can be extracted completely from the tubular housing making repair work, for example, far simpler
  • The propeller blades fixed to the hub of the propeller can be rotated individually allowing subsequent adjustment of the blade angle and therefore also the duty point of the pump
  • The complete submerged part of the pump (pump base, tubular housing, manifold) is made of grey cast iron and is therefore extremely resistant to corrosion
  • The pump can operate in the reverse direction for a short time (approx. 20 seconds). This frees the impeller of any foreign matter. This in turn remedies approx. 80% of all failures arising from clogged impellers without having to dismount the pump
  • Shaft and shaft guide bearings are separated from the rising flow of water by a sturdy tubular casing
  • We offer the shaft guide bearings with pumping medium lubrication and supply them in three different material pairs. Grease lubrication is also possible
  • Depending on requirements we produce the propeller blades and shaft in different materials, these range from grey cast iron to super duplex stainless steel
  • A large shaft diameter and sufficient intermediate bearing ensure extremely smooth running
  • A discharge housing segment ensures streamlined deflection of the pumping
  • The preserving agent differs according to customer demand and is always applied in several coats by hand 

Particularly suitable fields of application

Be- / Entwässerung in der Landwirtschaft
Be- / Entwässerung in der Landwirtschaft
Hochwasserschutz und Binnenentwässerung
Hochwasserschutz und Binnenentwässerung

Hydraulic type: axial

Size DN (mm): 200 – 1,200

Delivery height (m): 1 – 10

Delivery rating (l/s): 50 – 5;000

Motor power (kW): 5.5 – 500

Rotor assembly extractable: yes

Reverse operation: yes

Orientation of the pump shaft: vertical

Drive motor: electric or diesel

Installation of the motor: dry

Shaft guide bearing: grease lubricated slide bearing, rubber shaft bearing, ceramic bearing, elastomer-polymer composite


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