KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry - swimming pool technology
KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry  –  Wave machine in the indoor pool
KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry  –  Wave machine on board
KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry  –  Wave machine in a Navy training pool

Swimming pool technology

We get water moving

We offer both, mechanical and pneumatic wave machines, this makes us the only manufacturer worldwide that gets water moving according two different physical principles.

In the early 1960s we changed the geometry of the wave chambers and increased the efficiency of wave machines thus quite considerably.
The cast iron, steel and stainless steel materials we produce ourselves are particularly well-suited for meeting the hydraulic and mechanical requirements in this sector and on top of this also impress with outstanding durability.

We offer pool partitions that move horizontally or vertically to meet the changing utilisation of a swimming pool. Different water depths can be set with our pneumatic lifting floors. Very little on-site preparation is required for its installation. It can be installed in upper storeys of a building and because it is permeable to water has outstanding hygienic properties.

The vertical pool partition, which is always at the same place, is available with either our lifting or hinged wall. The lifting wall is sunk upright into a deep slit in the floor of the pool, while the hinged wall lies in a recess in the floor of the pool. In addition, the size of the partitioned off part of the pool can be varied with our pneumatic start and turning bridge. This installation is pushed along the longitudinal axis of the pool.

Current projects

KÖSTER waves on board a cruiser

One of our mechanical wave machines installed on board one of the world's largest cruisers (348 m long, 18 decks one above the other, 4,200 passengers) has been ensuring action in the children’s pool recently. The meticulous construction had to take many different requirements into account:
It is driven mechanically in order to keep noise generation low. The drive construction is spread over two decks, because this saves space and space is a valuable commodity on board a ship. The special safety requirements applicable for ships meant that only very special materials could be used.

Technical data - wave machine:

  • Wave length: 2.0m
  • Wave height: 0.25m
  • Width of the wave front: 6.0m
  • Drive power: 11.0kW


We keep at the ready several installation teams with fully fitted-out vehicles equipped for all necessary installation work, from lifting gear to welding equipment. Our field engineers are well used to working closely and effectively with other trades on the site of large building projects and to supplying a top quality service even under difficult spatial conditions or when under time pressure.

KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry - references swimming pool technology


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