Product Departments


All KÖSTER products are characterised by attention to detail and accomplished engineering skill. We don't manufacture mass-produced products, just products that meet your requirements to the greatest extent, manufactured using maximum skill and every trick in the book.

Customer requests

We take note of your requirements at the start of the project, and you can be involved in the entire manufacturing process through to installation if you wish.

Manufacturing depth

The combination of production depth and accomplished engineering skill is what makes possible the unique quality of our products.


We have been developing, manufacturing and producing pumps with maximum production depth for more than 100 years. The quality of our products results from a combination of technical know-how, modern manufacturing technology and the outstanding materials from our in-house foundry. In the pumps company department, we concentrate on two related machines: Axial or propeller pumps and mixed flow pumps.

KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry - pumps


The development of our winches with the current design traces back to products that were originally customised developments. Our hand and electric winches now determine the market standard. KÖSTER winches are traditionally marketed under the Adler brand. They are the result of well thought-out technology and know-how that is constantly being perfected.

KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry - winches

Swimming pool technology

Various products for use in swimming pools are manufactured in the KÖSTER swimming pool division: You can generate waves with a highly-efficient pivoting vane wave machine or using a cost-effective pneumatic wave machine. The product range includes wave machines and also movable floors and walls. By the way, you will find appropriate references on the high seas – on board state-of-the-art cruise ships.

KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry - swimming pool technology

Castings and machining

Casting technology has stood for competence, precision and quality at KÖSTER for more than 150 years. Just a few years ago we re-equipped our foundry with cutting-edge technology in accordance with the latest product requirements. It is approved as a material manufacturer and certified accordingly.

KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry - castings and machining

Steel hydraulic construction

We have been supplying modern steel hydraulic engineering products in the areas of coastal protection, water resources management and dam construction for many decades. Our products comply with all of the recognised technical rules and standards, such as the steel hydraulic engineering standard DIN 19704. With our comprehensive manufacturing facilities we are also your specialist for customised designs and recasting.

KÖSTER Engineering works and foundry - steel hydraulic construction


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